Current Activities

Clean Borders Shoretrade Corp. attended the special training
on the installation of Miko Magnets and Miko Plasters for both steel and aluminum hulls, held in Oslo, Norway on December 6, 2019.

Clean Borders Shoretrade Corp. visited the manufacturing plant of
Dacon AS Norway, the leading manufacturer of Marine Rescue Nets, Scoops, Baskets, Training Rescue Dummy and many others

Our Products


AQ2000 SuperTankClean

Eco-logix AQ2000 SuperTankClean is specially formulated for confined space cleaning of hydrocarbon contamination.This range is suitable hydrocarbon cleaning, degreasing and surface preparation works on storage tanks, separator pits,
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Eco-logix AQ2000 Eco-SuperSpillClean is specially formulated for shoreline, beach, land, sea spills and soil treatment of hydrocarbon contamination cleaning.
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Eco-logix AQ2000 Eco-SuperGreaseOut is a food grade product that is specially formulated for food industry. It is highly suitable for cleaning of hoppers, tanks, drainage system, food preparation equipment, grease traps & spills.
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Eco-logix AQ2000 Eco-SuperOilOut is specially formulated for maintenance degreasing of components, equipment, parts and ultra-sonic hydrocarbon cleaning.
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eco+plus - “the effective solution” is the latest inclusion of environment cleaning solutions for oil spills from Eco-logix. It’s an oil spill kit specially packed and designed for industrial, land and sea spills occurred in daily operations. These specially packed spill kits cater to varied spill sizes and we have carefully included essential items for such clean ups.
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Eco-logix AQ2000 Eco-SuperRigClean is specially formulated for rig cleaning and maintenance on land sea rigs, ship decks, bilges and engine rooms. It has non-ionic surfactant compositions and nutrients to accelerate
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Absorbent Booms offer a quick and easy method for containing and removing small quantities of oil from a spill zone. Manufactured from oleophilic materials, the booms absorb any oil they come into contact with. This oil is held within the booms until they are removed from the spill zone for disposal.
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Beach/Land Cleaning

Vikoma International Limited have developed a market leading selection of beach and land cleaning products, ranging from oil containment, recovery, storage, decontamination and vacuum clean up systems. The specialist products are purposefully designed for ease of operation, safety and durability.
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Vikoma offer a range of pumps for many different purposes. The majority of pumps used for hydrocarbon transfer are lobe or impeller pumps, however other varieties such as spate, centrifugal, diaphragm or screw are available upon request.
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Vikoma oil recovery skimmers are industry renowned for quality, durability and lifespan. Combining unrivalled industry experience cutting edge design and high-quality materials has resulted in large quantities of Vikoma oil recovery skimmers being successfully deployed
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Ancillary Equipment

Vikoma manufacture and supply an extensive range of ancillary equipment and products, from bespoke oil spill boats and vessels to decontamination equipment and PPE.
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Vikoma International design and manufacture a range of dispersant application systems. These systems allow accurate application oil spill dispersant from air, sea or on land.