About Us


Who We Are


Registered in 2016, engaged in trading and importation of various products from the leading global brands of marine solutions, pollution control, health & safety, tools & equipment. Service provider of integrated marine solutions and high-end applications to the oil & gas, petrochemical/chemical terminals, power, food industries naval/military and etc.




By 2025, CBSC is the most trusted & reliable ally, providing outstanding support to the  marine, offshore, naval, petrochemicals and  oil & gas industries.   




To provide top quality, integrated and precise solutions to our customers. 




TALK – Trustworthiness, Accountability, Learning, Knowledge 


Products & Services

  • Oil containment booms
  • Ship to ship containment booms
  • Flood control booms
  • Sorbent booms, pads 
  • Oil skimmers
  • Oil dispersant sprayers
  • Work boats
  • Oil dispersant/degreaser
  • Temporary storage tanks
  • Ship arrestor/sea anchors
  • High capacity marine magnets 
  • Emergency repair kits  for ship’s hull, tanks, pipes 
  • Anti corrosion coatings/epoxy 
  • Diving equipment & decompression chambers 
  • Drone hunter
  • Underwater drills, hull scrubber & underwater tools 
  • Marine Surveying/Consulting 
  • Oil Spill Response Training 
  • Oil Spill Response Operation
  • Marine Casualty Management

Our Customers

Oil and Gas, Power Plants, Ships, Manufacturing Industries, Food Processing Industries, Ports, Military/Defense, etc..


Our Partners

  • Eco-logix (Singapore) - bio-degreaser/dispersant, oil treatment, oil cleaning solution
  • Vikoma International (United Kingdom) - oil pollution control equipment
  • Miko Marine (Norway) - magnets, sea anchor, hull damage control equipment 
  • Wencon (Denmark) - Epoxy, corrosion control 
  • Nemo Powertools (USA) - Underwater tools 
  • Dacon AS (Norway) - marine rescue tools 
  • IHC Hytech (Netherlands) - marine diving equipment
  • NYD (Norway) - Commercial diving training
  • Sakuragawa - sumersible pumps