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Eco-logix was set up 1995 with the focus to market & supply environment safe products and cleaning services into the Asia Pacific region. Over the years since its incorporation, the company has been operating as a water treatment engineering company, a trading entity and production facility for eco products. Recent inclusion of Eco-logix SApCom business has put Eco-logix group of companies and their Distributors in the fore front of the environmental engineering business worldwide.


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Providing reliable and innovative oil recovery and environment solutions designed and manufactured by our experienced in-house team in the UK since 1967. Founded by British Petroleum in 1967, Vikoma is a world leader in the design and manufacture of oil and chemical pollution control systems. With over 48 years established within the market our leading position continues to be supported by a highly knowledgeable and experienced team.

Areas in which we operate

Ports and terminals


Inland water



Water treatment