Apply - Engineering

SApCom’s “Apply” concepts and methods for industrial cleaning & treatment solutions are specially designed to work and convert current exisiting hazardous methods adopted by the industries to our environment safe alternative treatment & cleaning products & solutions. Our Applications are suitable for for various industries from Oil & Gas, Shipping & Marine to Food Processing industries. Our technical team has the experience and capabilities combined to assist our projects to ensure cleaning standards and objectives are met.

Apply - Total Solution

SApCom ‘s “total solution“ is the key purpose and objective of this division’s scope of work. The technical and marketing team works in tandem to provide an engineering service which strats with evaluating and analysing the contamination, to understanding the conditions and requirements of the project. After which we will provide the most suitable engineering solution that is time saving, cost effective, efficient and environment safe. In a tank cleaning situation, we are able to start by de-gassing, sludge cleaning and removal, tank internal cleaning, treatment & recycling of waste water, surface preparation for repairs and hot works.