Seawater and Oil Leakage Solution

Miko Marine AS was founded in 1996 on the idea of using a magnetic patch for stopping seawater leaking into a floating vessel -or to stop oil leaking from the vessel into the sea.

The magnetic patch, called the Miko Plaster®, has since been delivered to several hundreds of clients world-wide, both in emergency situations, as preventive measures to increase preparedness and for planned underwater operations such as in-water survey.

The Miko Plaster® has been developed into several sub-types while new tools have been introduced such as the series of Miko Permanent Magnets and the Miko Anchor Magnets. Miko Plaster®, magnets and supplementary tools required for installation are offered in Kits assembled for different purposes. The Kits are pre-packed and stored ready to be sent anywhere in the world at any time.

With substantial investments in research and development, we are continuously expanding our range of products and services in the marine industry. ShipArrestor and the Moskito are the latest additions, both being game-changers as new solutions to existing problems.

With the experience gained from using the Miko Plaster® for 17 years and a large network of salvage masters, divers and expert advisers, we can support our clients in the field with operational services according to the needs of each individual customer