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Our surveyors have experience in a broad range of disciplines. They can advise and conduct inspections into a number of areas to assist with marine insurance, damage claims, risk management and litigation.

P&I Surveys

P&I Condition surveys enable Club managers to determine whether entered ships conform to acceptable standards. These are completed on the Club’s Survey Form and are done on vessels for the following reasons:

  • When ships over 10 yrs old are entered in the club, this can be either a pre-entry or a post entry condition survey.
  • If after a visit by a club Risk Assessor, the inspector feels that the ship does not conform to the Clubs standards.
  • Following a claim which could possibly have occurred due to a lapse in on board maintenance/management.
  • If information is received from a third party e.g. PSC that the ship is below Club standard.
  • If the ship changes classification societies, usually from an IACS to a non IACS society.
  • If after a lengthy period of lay up ( 6 months or more) a ship is re-activated.

Hull & Machinery Surveys

Hull and Machinery survey inspections are carried out in order to identify the damage or loss of the incident on Hull and Machineries and to also witness and supervision of repair operations, cost of the same, causes of the incident and estimates of the loss or damage. We inspect all types of vessels and machinery damaged including repairs and dry docking, and the attendance includes collision, machinery breakdown, fire, stranding, water ingress, etc. providing itemized assessment and reviews of costs in all these types of incidents.

An entry condition survey offers an opportunity to judge the general and structural condition of the vessel, together with the competence of the crew and their capabilities in managing safety and environmental issues. We pay great attention to the human factors and safety culture, looking at, inter alia, the frequency and thoroughness of safety routines and shipboard emergency drills. Another vital consideration is the relationship between ship and shore staff and the quality of communication between fleet and shore personnel

Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys

Pre-Purchase Ship Condition Survey is a thorough inspection of the vessel’s structural and watertight integrity, system’s installations, and operating condition, as well as performance. A comprehensive report is issued which includes an equipment list. specifications and detailed list of deficiencies and recommendations. 
Also known as a “Buyer’s Survey”. it is a detailed examination/inspection  of a vessel to determine its condition and value. The survey is done for a prospective buyer prior to the actual purchase. 
Although a particular vessel may have a well-documented history of use and maintenance, it is in the best interests of the client that the findings of Solitude surveyors result specifically from its current state. The survey is therefore based solely on a Purchase Condition of Vessel careful survey inspection of all accessible portions of its structure and available equipment​ 

Ultrasonic Weathertightness Test of Cargo Hold Hatch Covers

We are equipped with CYGNUS HATCH-SURE ultrasonic leak detector able to perform a quick and effective evaluation of cargo hold hatch covers and door seals to determine water leaks and weather tightness.

The system consists of a battery powered transmitter containing 19 ultrasound emitters (40 kHz). The emitters are arranged to produce an omni-directional sound field, uniformly distributed throughout the cargo hold.

The receiver part of the system displays the sound energy level that passes through gaps in the enclosed cargo hold to enable the location of leaks to be quickly and accurately identified.